At the end of 2018, ESSENS introduced the world`s first product from the ESSYNBIO product line.

This product line is about synbiotics, i.e. products that combine probiotics and prebiotics, the effect of which is based on synergy, i.e. Where the effect of individual components is multiple times larger than just a sum of individual component effects. 

SYNBIOTICS = 1 + 1 > 2

ESSYNBIO products have been developed by a team of professionals and pharmacists who have been working on probiotic and prebiotic substances for several years and have been carrying out and presenting valuable insights in professional publications around the world.

Supplying synbiotics to the human body is appropriate because 70% of the immune system is hidden in the digestive tract. There are over a trillion bacteria in a human organism, with an average of 1 – 1.5kg in the human intestine. The number of bacterial cells in our intestines is 10 times higher than the number of cells that form a human body. This so-called microbiome manages and controls our lives much more than most people realise.  It fundamentally controls the immunity, obesity and psyche, and is also related to many diseases. Synbiotics have a very positive impact on human organism and their regular use is suitable across all generations.

ESSYNBIO MICROBIOME CAPS – a combination of probiotics and prebiotics contains 16 different probiotic cultures in amount of  35 billion in one single capsule