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Here are ESSENS Home Perfume interior fragrances in a brand new modern design.

Of the four previous fragrances, we kept two bestsellers, 💧 Waterfall and 🌸 White Flowers, and added them with the glamorous new innovations

🔥 Secret Amber and 🥭 Fresh Mango.

At the end of 2015, ESSENS launched the new ESSENS Home Perfume product line.

This product line contains unique perfumes for the interior of your home in the form of elegant aroma diffusers. Thanks to the subtle essential oils and rattan reeds, via which the aroma rises through to the surroundings, the pleasant, long-lasting and constant fragrance is achieved. 

Aroma diffuser ESSENS lasts for up to 8 weeks and due to its content (200 ml) is capable of covering an area of 20 m2.The intensity is dependent on the amount of aromatic substance and rattan reeds, which should be turned over once a week to obtain the optimum fragrance level.  

ESSENS Home Perfume is available in 4 fragrances, and so far, it can be purchased in a complete set that includes a glass diffuser, 200 ml diffuser refill and rattan reeds.

Refills and Rattan reeds can be purchased separately