All Essens perfumes are min 20% essential oils and are produced without the harsh chemicals that other manufacturers use to speed up the curing process.

  All Essens products have been designed to give top quality at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay on the high street.  We do not use celebrity endorsements nor TV advertising and our products are presented in functional packaging that is attractive but cost-efficient to produce. The cost savings are reflected in our pricing.  We also sell Skin Care, CBD, Beauty, Aloe Vera, Hand & Foot care, Home Fragrances, Sun Care, Dental care, Health Supplements, Essential Aromatherapy, Home cleaning and access to discounted travel in partnership with

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Essens uk Catalogues 2021

Essens Catalogues come in 4 parts.  Each of the catalogues is available to download and browse through at your leisure. Whatever you are interested in beauty and fragrance, or how to look after your skin and wellbeing and feel fantastic both inside and out, or how to keep your home clean and smelling beautiful whilst looking after the environment with our Home Clean range. You’re sure to find something that is of interest to you.