Cosmetic Brush Cleaner

ESSENS Cosmetic Brush Cleaner 100ml

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Antibacterial cleaning spray for instant cleansing and disinfection of cosmetic brushes with both natural and synthetic bristles.

                                Thanks to its lucative ingredients, it is also ideal as a disinfectant for hands and the enviroment eg keyboards, phones etc.

                                                                                                             Contains 96% of alcohol 

Effectively removes cosmetic residues, dirt, dust, wax or sweat, leaving brushes perfectly clean.
Specially developed formula ensures the perfect hygiene of the brushes and extends significantly their lifetime.
Brushes are protected from microorganisms in between the cosmetic applications, thus preventing their contact with the skin.
Antibacterial spray ensures hygienic and clean make-up application.
Thanks to lucrative ingredients can be used also as a disinfectant on hands.
It leaves a clean and a pleasant coconut scent.