Micellar Water 400ml ESSENS

ESSENS Micellar Water 400ml

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Micellar water with aloe vera and panthenol gently and effectively cleanses and hydrates the skin.
Special composition that meets the standards of natural cosmetics, adjusts the pH to neutral and therefore does not disturb protective skin barrier and offers skin a luxurious care.
Micelles are a cluster of molecules in aqueous solution that pulls out dirt from the skin.
ESSENS Beauty micellar water is made of fine, biodegradable surfactants, which makes it easy to remove fat and water-soluble impurities
Panthenol is form of vitamin B5 and occurs naturally in the human body, has anti-inflammatory, regenerating and soothing effects, improves skin hydration, and is often used in the pharmaceutical manufacture to treat skin diseases.
Aloe vera helps to reduce bacterial growth and acts anti-inflammatory, penetrates deep into the structure of the skin, where it perfectly hydrates and regenerates.
Premium natural formula FucogelĀ® provides immediate moisturising and also stretches out the skin.

Correct cleansing technique = beautiful and healthy skin.

Morning cleansing – tonic or micellar water refresh and stretch out the skin without removing the natural skin film, then daily cream and make-up are applied.
Evening cleansing is divided into 2 parts, first by using a two phase make-up remover or a soap (removes fat-soluble dirt – make-up, mascara, but also fumes that settle on the skin from the air), the second part is by using a tonic or micellar water (removes water-soluble dirt, such as sweat), then night cream is applied.
Micellar water can remove fat and water-soluble impurities, but dermatologists tend to recommend combining more products because in the long-term incorrect technique, the skin can dry out and pores can become blocked.