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In January 2012 the ESSENS company launched its first product from food supplement sector – Colostrum ESSENS. Colostrum is first milk produced by mammals few ours after birth. It`s valuable for its high content of immune ingredients necessary for survival in a world full of microorganisms. It`s the richest source of immunoglobulins (antibodies), and growth factors. In Colostrum we can also find a wide range of beneficial substances, which stimulate the immune system. Colostrum is also interesting from a nutritional point of view. It`s food with complex nutritional profile which contains the ideal composition of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

ESSENS Colostrum is from the only Czech certified producer and is made on purely natural basis with the finest Czech materials and under strict pharmaceutical supervision.

In April of 2012 was introduced new body cosmetics and skincare Colostrum+. Using of colostrum in cosmetic industry has not long history, but even for a relatively short period of time is gaining wider range of supporters and promoters. The addition of colostrum helps moisturize and regenerate skin cells, slows the aging process, protects the skins upper part from all day bad influences and ultimately, helps to remove skin defects. Effect of using colostrum cosmetics can be effectively supported by using colostrum in the form of food supplement. This possibility of combining highlights the integrity of colostrum effects on the human organism and its positive effect.

In late 2013, the product line Colostrum has grown by ESSENS Colostrum Probiotics and Yogurt Maker ESSENS.

Dietary supplement ESSENS Colostrum Probiotics contains four selected probiotics – strains of microorganisms with beneficial effects, prebiotic inulin and colostrum, which is a source of potent antibodies. The product is intended for individual preparation of “live” homemade yogurt of high quality.

Yogurt made up of pro / prebiotic mixture ESSENS is the so-called “functional foods”. That`s food produced from naturally occurring ingredients that have beneficial effect on the health of the consumer next to the their nutritional value.

Yogurt maker ESSENS is characterized by an extremely easy controls without any additional settings or necessary supervision. Intelligent self-regulating PTC heating element, which guarantees maximum safety while saving electrical energy, provides heating. Yoghurt maker is produced according to European Union standards, all materials used are stable and yogurt container is made ​​of high quality stainless steel for food preparation purposes.

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