Essens Lactoferrin

This exclusive product series was based on the idea of PharmDr. Milan Krajíček, internationally recognized expert and pharmacist, to introduce pure natural products with a huge positive impact on the human body.

It is a revolutionary product, which due to its characteristics and also processing technology, greatly exceeds similar products containing lactoferrin.

ESSENS LACTOFERRIN IS TAKEN EXCLUSIVELY FROM FRESH BOVINE MILK. Lactoferrin used in various products of other companies, is processed from whey – the waste material which comes from the dairy production. But in the comparison with Lactoferrin obtained from bovine milk, Lactoferrin made from whey reaches only 20% quality. The process of isolation from the milk which we use within our lactoferrin, uses special technology methods so that there has been no damage and therefore maintains all of its outstanding values. Lactoferrin is a protein from the family of multifunctional transferrins (carrier of trace elements like e.g. iron, copper and zinc), which occurs naturally in the human body. It is presented in exocrine secretions, particularly in blood plasma and white blood cells. Lactoferrin can be also found in small amounts in ALL body fluids and is in fact part of INNATE immunity.

Two exclusive products have been presented on the marked, it is ESSENS Lactoferrin Tablets and ESSENS Lactoferrin Unguentum.