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ESSENS Fragrances Starter Kit

RRP: £26.00

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ESSENS logo on the diary flap and ESSENS inscription on the bottom side. Closes with a magnetic strip.

Set dimensions: 26 cm x 3 cm x 18 cm (when closed)

Material:: Metallic leatherette with lining.

Colour: Silver, blue (according to actual availability)


Men`s Fragrances:

M001,M003,M005,M007,M008,M011,M012,M013,M015,M020,M021,M022,M024,M025,M029, M030,M031,M032,M033,M034

Women’s Fragrances:

W104,W105,W107,W110,W111,W112,W113,W115,W117,W118,W124,W125,W127,W128, W130,W133,W134,W137,W138,W141,W142,W143,W148,W149,W150,W151,W153,W155,W156, W157,W161,W162,W163,W164,W165,W166,W167,W168,W169,W170

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