ESSENS Perfumed Body Balm 200ml

ESSENS Perfumed Body Balms 200ml

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Body lotion in your favourite scents with the contents of apricot oil, moisturising ingredients and Vitamin E. It is suitable for everyday use and for all skin types after bathing, tanning and depilation. The balm is absorbed well and leaves the skin silky, soft and smooth. It contains apricot oil which has moisturising, cleansing, nourishing and regenerative effects. Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory effect and helps prevent skin damage by free radicals. Shea butter supports skin protection against UV rays, helps maintain skin elasticity, soothes and regenerates. 


Main benefits of the new formula! 

To adapt to the times, we have added to the original formula, a modern mix of mono/disaccharides which is completely new on the cosmetic market. The mixture results in an increase in moisturising effects and the protective qualities of the products. Thanks to this, skin is protected from risk factors, that it is influenced by, for the entire day. Still, no parabens have been used during manufacture. Our body balm contains special substances that reduce undesirable body odour. The New products come in new packaging and are equipped with multilingual, sandwiched labels with detailed information. 

Our tip: If you use additional products of the same fragrance – shower gel, body balm, perfume – the fragrance will fixate and last for a long time on the body.